Fun Facts

I am a public interest advocate and educator. My pursuit of equity began at age six when there were no equal athletic opportunities for girls in my Bethlehem, PA community.  As a tomboy in first grade, during the pre Title Nine era, I signed up for the boy’s Northwest Little League team because I loved to throw, slide and catch.  Alongside a couple of other girls who shared a love for baseball, our collective and uncomfortable presence in the all boy’s club, spawned the girl’s city softball league. In fifth grade, I founded a J.V. team at my elementary school.

I proudly represent the third generation of Sicilian and Irish immigrants in my New York family.  My work for equity among new arrivals and lower income families is central to my journey for justice.  At age nine, I biked door-to-door as a newspaper carrier, learning what life was like in many different households, behind the screens on their front porches.  Whether the dominant theme was the perceived privileges of wealth, or the challenges of growing up with abuse and addiction, I wanted to find civic solutions for families quietly struggling in our neighborhood.

My family’s dedication to education meant there was never a missed opportunity to correct my English, my grammar and enunciation or point out the weaknesses in my debate logic.  As a result of my parent’s dedication to my education, I had the ability to graduate from Notre Dame Catholic Elementary School and Bethlehem Catholic High School.  I built on that foundation by working my way through college, graduate school and law school.

I love to do yoga with my Colorado gal pals, follow the dolphins along the Jersey shore, SUP through the FL mangroves, dance to Michael Franti with friends, watch my nieces and nephews in awe, bike with my Dad, and swim with my mom.

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