Strategic Planning

I am an eternal optimist, some might say a dreamer.  I believe in the wisdom of Dr. Seuss when he wrote, “Oh the places we’ll go.”  Success is only limited by our imaginations.

The Ginsberg Center Strategic Prioritization
University of Michigan

  • Embraced analytical approach to public policy analysis and communications.
  • Expanded partnerships with philanthropy, industry and government officials to support diverse communities.
  • Engaged 200 stakeholders in celebration of the Ginsberg family’s legacy by creating Anniversary event.
  • Supported U of M’s national civic reputation by co-hosting the 50th Anniversary of the Peace Corps.
  • Prioritized strategic plan goals with National Avisory Board to create 2010 work plan.
  • Articulated desired and measurable outcomes with DSA Leadership and Advisory Board.
  • Initiated program staff self-evaluations including program wish lists.
  • Introduced technology solutions to increase efficiency and advance Ginsberg Center goals.


Colorado Campus Compact Planning Outcomes 

  • Redistributed resources from the wealthiest campuses to lower income campuses.
  • Designed the largest access service scholarship program to address the state’s low rate of investment for college access.
  • Designed a state-wide VISTA program to support college access programs at universities and high schools.
  • Created the Southwest approach to civic engagement as place based, Indigenous Engagement.
  • Initiated campus campaigns for Endowed Centers.
  • Convened six state directors to reach consensus, then successfully wrote grant to the Academy for Educational Development to promote the Western region’s sustainability and best practices.
  • Created a partnership with the Institute on the Common Good to facilitate two years of presidential dialogues.
  • Conducted over 30 one-on-one interviews with higher education professionals in the region.
  • Utilized dialogues to build Compact members’ shared vision around issues such as, access, community challenges, student retention, college affordability.
  • Conducted two years of focus groups among higher education service learning advocates in the Four Corners who identified the need for collaboration to obtain federal funding.  As a result, created Mountain West Consortium among Utah, Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico campuses and sponsored the largest higher education AmeriCorps part-time program, UCAN Serve (2003-2009).


Cardinal Stritch University Strategic Planning Outcomes

  • Assisted the Student Development team in identifying student alcohol infractions as a campus problem.  As a result, redesigned new student orientation to become a more active and community engaged experience.
  • Redesigned Freshmen Seminar course, integrating service learning and alcohol awareness.
  • Supported a successful FIPSE grant application to initiate this cultural paradigm shift.
  • Became a trainer in On Campus Talking About Alcohol within Freshmen Seminar, Residential/Student Life.
  • Educated campus departments and local community establishments about our campus goals related to alcohol.
  • Nominated member of the Five Year Strategic Plan development team.