Grants & Stewardship

I believe civic engagement is so positively contagious that all we have to do is tell our stories better to increase our investors.  Over the course of my career, I raised over 20 Million to further civic education. 

University of Michigan Stewardship

  • Created the 10th Anniversary celebration of the Ginsberg  family’s endowing gift.
  • Nurtured Board relationships and funding prospects.
  • Cultivated and corresponded with individual donors.
  • Demonstrated impacts and published 2010 Annual Report.
  • Managed over $1.5 M budget, and created reserves policy.
  • Created a branding campaign including a video tribute to the endowing family.


Colorado Campus Compact

  • Created the 10th and Sweet 16 Anniversary Celebrations for Colorado Campus Compact where we increased membership investments while publicizing member accomplishments.
  • Worked with CO state commission for over a decade to obtain state-wide VISTA grant.
  • Trained VISTA members in fundraising and development to leverage resources for the 15 organizations they worked for under ACCESS Colorado.
  • Managed over $1 M budget with additional $5.5 million in student scholarships annually.
  • Founding Principal Investigator and later Supervising Manager to $700,000 annual UCAN Serve AmeriCorps Grant.
  • Founding Principal Investigator for the $338,000 Community Based Learn and Serve Grant annually ($1 Million over three years).
  • Created revenue stream of $100,000 in annual membership dues and affiliate partner fees.
  • Served as Fiscal Agent for the State Farms award of $25,000 to support K-H service learning.
  • Awarded $10,000 to the CO Department of Education to support K-H service learning partnerships.
  • Awarded $70,000 from the Kellogg Foundation through the Academy for Educational Development to replicate best practices.
  • Awarded $23,000 in private donations from author Paul Loeb for Campus Vote ‘08.
  • Leveraged a $5000 subgrant from the Pew Charitable Trusts into $93,000.

Cardinal Stritch University

  • Managed $750,000 over ten separate budgets and student accounts.
  • Served as the Project Assistant for the Funds for the Improvement in PostSecondary Education (FIPSE) grant.
  • Created innovative fundraising strategy with departmental surpluses to finance international service learning trips for students.
  • Trained students in fund raising for annual cultural and service immersion programs, where student teams exceeded their goals every year.