How would you live, if you were not afraid?



  • Campaign for a Healthy Colorado
  • Celeste Williams for FL House District
  • Campus Election Engagement Project
  • Ginsberg Legacy
  • Peace Corps 50th Anniversary
  • Funding for National Service
  • School of the Americas Watch
  • Not In Our Name
  • Civic Mission of Schools
  • Barack Obama for President
  • Regional Representation for state Compacts
  • Inter-Mountain West federal funding
  • John Kerry for President
  • Where is S.H.E., Support for Higher Education?
  • Colorado’s Referendum B: Support Education Funding
  • Re-authorization of the Higher Education Act
  • Public Campaign Financing
  • The Partnering Initiative for Democratic Education and Civil Society
  • Naturalization of U.S. Immigrants
  • Legalization of Haitian Refugees
  • Re-authorization of the Americans with Disabilities Act


  • UCAN Serve AmeriCorps program, Co-Founder.  Increased college access and affordability.
  • Educational Opportunity Program, Advocate.  Supported at-risk student support through TRIO programs.
  • U.S. Department of Education, Legal Counsel Intern.  Advocated for administrative resolutions to citizen claims pertaining to disability, discrimination and exclusion.
  • Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education, Policy Advocate.  Promoted funding to support college access, affordability and advanced placement.

     Civic Education

  • The Pew Foundation’s Civic Mission of Schools, Sub-grantee.  Advanced the national Civic Mission of Schools agenda throughout the state of Colorado.
  • Peace Jam, Funder.  Expanded their staff infrastructure and supported Nobel Laureates public talks.
  • Public Achievement, Certified Civic Coach and Funder.  Advanced this civic curriculum throughout the state of Colorado, working in partnership with the Colorado Department of Education and the state Commission.
  • Colorado Department of Education, Supporter and Collaborator.  Supported parental involvement, community engagement and the Civic Mission of Schools campaign.
  • Project Citizen, Funder and Supporter.  Promoted this model to K-12 partners to advance civic education in Colorado.

     Consensus Building and Dialog

  • Institute on the Common Good, Grant Writer and Supporter.  Replicated public dialogs throughout the state of Colorado, training young people as dialog facilitators with the Communities Strengthening Colorado grant.
  • National Civic League, Dialog Collaborator.  Denver Dialog participant.
  • National Issues Forum, Collaborator.  Promoted this town hall model for public problem solving.

     International Human Rights

  • U.S. Catholic Conference of Bishops, Haitian Advocate.  Co-organized the more than 40 organizations in support of Haitian refugees and their legalization.
  • School of the Americas Watch, Prisoner of Conscience.  Participated in public education campaign to divest U.S. investments away from torture training.
  • Catholic Relief Services (Congo and Haiti) Advocate.  Worked on public education campaigns for the people of the Congo and Haiti.
  • Ciam Cancun, Partner and Supporter.  Began university partnership to extend students’ abilities to experience cultural immersions in Mexico, beyond the border region.
  • Los Ninos, Board Member, Participant and Team Leader.  Shared the cultural immersion experience of people living along the U.S., Mexican border.  Raised funds.
  • Peace Corps, 50th Anniversary Celebration and Applicant.  Showcased alumni who served at the University of Michigan and in the Peace Corps.  Honored their service.

     Regional Collaboration

  • Campus Compact Advisory Board, Member.  Served as a state representative among our national peers advocating for regional representation and more culturally diverse perspectives in national programming that were more inclusive to the public universities in the mid and south Western states, beyond the Compact’s historical ivy emphasis along the East and West coasts.
  • Civic Canopy, Founding Member.  Advocated for state-wide collaboration and funding for service learning, public dialog and civic education.
  • Colorado Campus Compact, Director. Created the Inter-Mountain West Consortia to advocate for the federal funding needs of Utah, Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico.
  • Western Campus Compact, Funder and Member.  Advanced best practices among the western states of Arizona, California, Guam, Hawaii, Montana, Oregon, Washington,  Islands of Somoa, and Utah.


“…a Constitution that had at its very core the ideal of equal citizenship under the law; a Constitution that promised its people liberty, justice and a union that could be and should be perfected over time.”   Presidential Candidate,Barack Obama

March 18th, Philadelphia, PA.  A More Perfect Union speech